Welcome to Corelli College, the First London Co-operative Academy.  It is a great pleasure to extend a warm welcome from everyone connected with this Co-operative Academy, to a learning community where equality, diversity and respect resonate in all we do.

We aim to maximise success by ensuring that all students are provided with rich and high quality educational opportunities, within our culture of high aspiration where achievement is recognised and celebrated. From the moment you enter the gates at Corelli College you quickly realise how happy, caring and successful Corelli students are.


Year 6 Induction Day

We look forward to welcoming all Year 6 pupils joining Corelli College Co-operative Academy on Wednesday 1st July.

Induction Day starts at 8:45am in the main hall.


Year 7 (now Year 8)

Celebration of Achievement

Friday 10th July, starting at 9am

Upcoming Events

Year 6 Induction Day

Starts at 8:45am



Year 7 (now  Year 8)

Celebration of Achievement



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Corelli College, Corelli Road, Blackheath, London SE3 8EP

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