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Welcome to Corelli College, the First London Co-operative Academy. We are an exciting addition to the educational family in South East London, focussed on the achievement of our young people. Through our positive ethos and with our strong focus on teaching and learning, we have created a curriculum that meets the needs of all our learners, engaging and exciting them.

As a result, our examination results have gone up year on year.

The college does not have a business sponsor and is free from Local Authority control. We have chosen to become a co-operative because the staff, parents and governors believe that the best way to build on a very strong legacy is for all members to be part of governing the college through co-operatives. It makes us part of a family of schools, nationally and internationally, that are co-operatives, sharing a set of values that we believe really matter to the future of our young people.

Our values, of self-responsibility, self-help, equality, equity, democracy and solidarity, are values that make both a good community within the college and young people who are confident, articulate, responsible, learning focussed and successful.

Our internal structures reflect our values. Students are in vertical communities that reinforce our belief in responsibility. They apply to become leaders within the college and the wider community, visiting primary schools to support others as well as each other.

Our curriculum is geared to widen the knowledge and understanding of our students with youngsters taking GCSEs from Year 9 onwards.  We understand that students need to be able to take exam courses when they are ready for them, not just because they are in a particular year. Our Arts provision is fantastic with a drama company that is second to none.

We have excellent facilities with an apple mac based music technology suite, a Languages Laboratory and home access to their work for all students and staff.

Our Farm Academy with its bees, chickens and fresh fruit and vegetables, allows our youngsters to have an experience unknown to

many.   Our vibrant sixth form builds from the firm foundations our students have gained, offering a range of courses that is

second to none. Students go on to the best universities in the country.

I am extremely proud of the young people and staff of Corelli College.

This website will give you a flavour of what young people and staff experience when they are part of the college.


Trisha Jaffe, Principal

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