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December 1st 2017

Mayor For the Day

Corelli College was invited to take part in a very special project and participate in a series of workshops leading to a 'Mayor for the Day' celebration at City Hall as part of this year's Mayor's London Children's Festival.

The project involved a takeover of the chamber at City Hall and surrounding venues by young people, as well as working with leading artists, a poet and designers in the lead up.  Corelli Students devised and presented a campaign focusing on the theme of pollution and how to get fewer cars on the roads.   

Corelli students presented their campaign with incredible confidence to the Mayor’s office, the Greater London Authority, the children’s Commissioner for England and BE OPEN.  Blue Peter presenter Lindsey Russell compered the day and poet Joelle Taylor delivered her staggeringly beautiful poem where she had woven together all the issues and solutions raised by the schools involved.  The content of the day will feed into the development of a new London Children’s Charter, which will help to advocate, influence and prioritise what young Londoners feel passionate about, and inform policy makers about what matters to the next generation. 

Our students had such a memorable experience; it will be a day they will never forget. One of our music students even had the opportunuity to sing with London's Community Gospel Choir.  They have loved using creativity within their learning and have appreciated the platform to share their views.  Knowing you can make a difference is very special.   

Don’t be afraid to change your habits

Fear prevents people from doing lots of things. But in this particular case fear is stopping people from walking which is having an effect on the environment and pollution.

Don’t be afraid -  Every step helps


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