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December 12th 2017

Ceramics Project

Corelli College have offered a select number of students the opportunity to work with a specialist artist in ceramics.

Corelli has a purpose built classroom with two kilns and an assortment of tools and equipment, but despite teaching clay regularly at KS3 we aspired to acquire the skills to teach it at a higher level for students at KS4 and KS5. 

We recently applied for a grant from The Arts Society Greenwich to bring in a specialist and we were successful.  We have carried out our research and there appears to be a decline in ceramics taught at school and degree level, probably because it is perceived as only concerned with techniques and processes rather than about being able to express yourself.  Furthermore, there is thought to have been a decline in hand and craft skills’ development in general and it is believed to be affecting capacities in a range of fields from literacy, to design, to surgery.  Therefore, its preservation in education should be maintained.

Students in Yr9 and above have been designing and making shoes inspired by the Surrealist art movement.  Both staff and students have received training and we all have learnt new skills and we are really appreciative of The Arts Society in Greenwich. 

The Arts Society Greenwich 

Himani Weir




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