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February 13th 2018

Yr7 students taking guitar lessons

Jack Petchey money awarded to a Music student funded extra guitars at Corelli College.

Year 7 students having been studying Rock Music and have all learnt how to play simple guitar riffs and chords. Some students have taken their interest further and started guitar lessons with our extraordinary guitar teacher, Wayne Plummer, who teaches here on Mondays (when he is not playing with Emeli Sande, Alexander O’Neal, Leona Lewis or other artists).

All students realised that learning the guitar takes practice, and that in order to improve you need to practise regularly, ideally every day. Regular practice of a musical instrument is proven to strengthen the phonological loop, which acts as the core process in working memory tasks.

Students really enjoyed the experience, even though their fingers hurt at the end of each lesson!

If your child has expressed an interest in learning guitar, we strongly suggest you get them a guitar – for approximately £35 you can buy a reasonable guitar (cheaper than a PS4 game).

When you decide to get an instrument for them please ask one of the music teachers to assist with a choice if required, and bring the instrument in for tuning when it arrives!

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