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July 16th 2018

Flight of Fancy

When The Halley Arts Council is not winning competitions they have been busy working developing ideas for a project for primary schools called a Flight of Fancy. The Arts Council meet weekly and students are given direct access to high quality arts opportunities with huge benefits, both for themselves and the academy. They have taken on the role of co-creators for Flight of Fancy and have been exploring ideas to plan for what the primary workshops and the project as a whole will look like. 

Flight of Fancy is a cross art form project intended for 2019 funded by Grants for the Arts in collaboration with EEA. Primary and Halley students will work with artists to create bird box installations to feature animation screens to take the spectator on an unforgettable journey.  The bird boxes will tour to different public spaces and schools to be viewed and celebrated by members of the public and our wider school community.

A Flight of Fancy will enable primary schools to explore the theme of My Home, My Nest. The students will take a voyage to re-imagine their everyday landscapes to see themselves and others differently and to understand the significance of home and family values.

During our planning year, Halley students have outlined their family values and discussed how our homes offer shelter, security and warmth.  Furthermore, we have been looking at elements you can’t see, such as joy, sadness, noise, energy and memories.      We have mapped out how we use our house and the different rooms like a tube map, building up layers like a nest and weaving invisible patterns of our everyday rhythms in our homes. We have been cultivating an awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. How can you make every day activities a creative act? 

We were invited to present at an artist’s itch, not a scratch, but an itch hosted by EEA to professional artists, producers and audience members.  The aim of the event was to listen to ideas for new work and work-in-progress made by professional artists to develop their work to be even better. The Arts Council’s ideas and project was received so positively.  It was a chance to be reflective and to see how their ideas and contributions were having an impact.

Halley students have also been developing visual guides to help communicate to artists and workshop leaders our intentions of the project so we don’t lose our initial vision as curators and producers. This will also help us demonstrate how we adopt the Arts Council Quality Principles, linking them to our wellbeing principles of Nurture, Empathy, Support and Transformation – NEST.

In the summer term we have been inspired by the traditional studio (often entertaining) family portraits to create our own family portraits motivated by emotions that feature in our homes.  We cannot wait until this project starts next academic year. 

Ms Slocombe would like to thank the wonderful students for their dedication and commitment to the project and all their contributions this year.



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