Welcome to Corelli College. Tamilgun are a values driven academy with the belief in human potential at the heart of all we do. We are uncompromising in our ambition for students. We are committed to do everything we can to help our students become successful, responsible young people who make a positive contribution to society.
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Meet our Students

Dylan - Year 7

Avid Reader: My Corelli isn't just a home; it's a feel good educational home. All teachers are there to help. I always feel that a teacher is someone who you can rely on to sort something out, to push students to their working limits and expand their knowledge. The most important thing is that all students acknowledge this and have the desire and ambition to work and go on to lead good professions like so many students at Corelli do.

Laura - Year 10

Aspirational Performer: My Corelli is Drama and it is my passion. I have not only had a chance to experiment with all aspects of directing and performing, but I have also been given the opportunity to show my work around the country and even in other countries. In 2016, I performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with the College’s production of ‘Just’ by Ali Smith. This was an amazing experience and a great conversation starter that I know will be impressive to future employers. With the help of my drama teachers I auditioned and was accepted into the National Youth Theatre. NYT is a prestigious organisation and passionate about the development of young actors in their journey to adulthood. I have made so many friends and learnt so much, and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of my teachers at Corelli. Playing the piano is also something that I enjoy, and it will be an important element for my future career. Corelli College was invited to a Steinway’s Pianos master-class. We played on pianos worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and learnt all about the makeup and manufacture of the best pianos. This, along with the weekly instrumental lessons has dramatically improved my understanding of the instrument. Because of my involvement in music and theatre I have been chosen to take part in a European Union funded Drama project using digital technologies in Estonia with students and professionals from other European Union Countries. I am also about to embark on work experience with the National Theatre, learning about set design, lighting, sound direction and other aspects of theatre production. Corelli College has provided me with so many opportunities and that will continue long after I leave. Corelli College has inspired me for my aspirations for the future.

Royal - Year 10

Budding Scientist: My Corelli is a diverse school with unique students including myself, brought together by equality. All staff have a sense of inclusion, in particular the Pastoral Care team who support and help me to unlock my true potential. For me, Science and Technology are among the subjects taught at Corelli that teach me new skills to push me to do my best. With Corelli’s fully-equipped learning environments and excellent teachers this will help my ambition and boost my progress to outstanding. Corelli specialises in all its values, making you feel welcome and recognises your talent and this is appreciated. So, this is my Corelli, a Co-operative Academy that works with students. Join us and see what yours will be.

Matthew - Year 13

Great Britain Paralympic Cyclist: My Corelli is a place where I have grown in confidence, and feel as though everyone is supportive in everything I choose to do and will help me to reach my goals. Teachers have supported me by allowing flexibility of deadlines and encouragement in lessons, so I can become more successful in my elite cycling career. This has made me feel that my elite cycling is worthwhile and I’m able to challenge myself further as I have the backing of the college. I value that everyone is treated equally here at Corelli and has an equal say in how and what is done to help the college improve. The environment is never a demoralising or demotivating environment, the teachers always push everyone to make sure they work hard and get the best out of themselves. The opportunities that I have been given are incredible. I have had the chance to perform at the Edinburgh Festival with the performance of (The Reel) Macbeth which was a huge success and received great reviews and feedback. I also received a Jack Petchey award. This recognition for my achievements is the motivation to keep working hard. Corelli is supporting me to juggle my coursework with my training. I hope to become an elite athlete in Paralympic cycling and I am already training for the 2020 Paralympics. It looks promising as I am training hard and close to being on the professional GB team. I have achieved so much already and won many medals and national jerseys, as well as breaking many British records. The hardest obstacle is working around my disability and Corelli has not let it stand in my way. Hard work and dedication is the key to success.

Nisrine - Year 7

On your marks. Get set. Go!: My Corelli is a great! This is because it will help me succeed in everything that I have dreamt of. The teachers and students are all very supportive and have always been there to help me whenever I have needed it. Being at Corelli has enabled me to make lots of new friends and this has helped to make my time at school much more comfortable and enjoyable. Corelli has supported me with my passion for running. Teachers recognised my talent in this sport very early on and encouraged me to develop and make good progress. I have been able to attend running and athletics club and have been taken to cross country and indoor athletics competitions against other schools. I am now the Greenwich Champion for cross country running. I enjoy coming to school every day and being a student at Corelli makes me feel good on a daily basis. I am happy that I have been able to settle so quickly in a new school and appreciate all of my new found friends and teachers. I look forward to my future years at Corelli and I am excited about what life at Corelli will bring.

Kayman - Year 9

Trumpet Virtuoso: My Corelli means an environment where I can learn and study. My prime subject here at Corelli College is Music. I started learning trumpet at primary school, however, here at Corelli with its supportive and excellent Music teachers and peripatetic tutors I have been able to really build and master the instrument. Additionally, I have started piano lessons and this has helped both myself as a musician and student. Corelli College is a friendly and safe learning environment which allows you to fully concentrate on education. If a negative incident does occur it will be handled quickly and efficiently by understanding and helpful staff of the Academy. Corelli College has the best trained teachers. To any parents trying to find the best environment for their children, Corelli College is the school to come to.

Our Heritage

The school has the distinction of being Britain's first purpose-built comprehensive school. Opened to international acclaim in 1954, its architecture reflected the British feeling of recovery and optimism in the aftermath of World War II... Read More