Home-School Agreement

Here at Corelli College Co-operative Academy we call the “Home-School Agreement” the “Family and Academy Partnership Agreement”. It is a three-way commitment between the student, the family and the academy, signed formally by all three parties as an undertaking, as follows:

The Family and Academy Partnership Agreement

The Student’s Commitment:

I agree to:

  • be friendly, co-operative, supportive and tolerant of others
  • support the co-operative values and develop my Corelli character
  • attend the academy every day on time
  • attend all lessons punctually
  • remember books and necessary equipment
  • move gently and quietly about the academy
  • meet the high standards expected for academy uniform and appearance daily
  • speak politely to everyone
  • behave well in lessons, corridors, outdoor spaces on the academy grounds, on the way to and from the academy and on public transport to and from the academy
  • be silent during line-up for assembly / lessons
  • keep the academy free from litter and graffiti
  • focus on making progress
  • be involved fully in activities
  • always try to do best work
  • always complete and hand in homework on time
  • record all relevant information in my Planner
  • read and abide by the Corelli Code

The Family's Commitment:

We/I agree to:

  • maintain the spirit of this partnership
  • support the academy in upholding its high standards and policies on attendance, punctuality, uniform, appearance, behaviour and homework
  • support the co-operative values
  • ensure that my child attends the academy daily with all necessary equipment
  • ensure that my child meets the high standards expected for uniform and appearance daily
  • ensure that my child abides by academy behaviour rules and expectations
  • ensure that my child completes all homework and extended learning tasks set to the best of his or her ability
  • monitor and sign the  Planner weekly
  • encourage my child to take part in clubs and allow him or her to go on educational visits supervised by a teacher and other responsible adults
  • attend all meetings as requested
  • attend Parents’ Evenings and Celebration of Achievement events
  • contact the academy when there are concerns or problems that might affect my child
  • try to be an active member of the Parents' Association
  • support learning as a life time commitment, beyond 16
  • read and abide by the Academy Code of Conduct

The Academy’s Commitment:

We aim to provide

  • a supportive, nurturing and academically challenging culture and ethos
  • a broad and balanced curriculum
  • an education based on high expectations
  • work appropriate to the age and ability of each child
  • a high standard of teaching, academic support and individual guidance
  • advice and guidance that builds skills, resilience and progress
  • opportunities for each child to develop independence, leadership and team-working skills
  • regular meetings, written reports and opportunities to review and celebrate progress
  • regular marking of work and assignments
  • a wide range of enrichment activities
  • a secure and ordered environment
  • a high standard for uniform, appearance, attendance, punctuality and behaviour
  • opportunities for you to become involved in the life of the academy