Parent Evenings

In order to make it easier for Parents and Carers, the Academy has an easy-to-use online appointment booking system for Parents’ Evenings.

Parents are able to choose their own appointment times from any internet-connected device.

Parents no longer need to rely on their child to make appointments on their behalf.

Click here to access the booking system:

Corelli Parents Evening System

A short guide on using the system will be sent to parents along with their parents evening letter notifying them when the system is open for booking appointments.

A copy of the guide is also available as a PDF - click below to download:

Please also see our 'Frequently Asked Questions' section further down this page.

It is important that you have kept the school informed of any changes to your contact details in particular your email address.  If you experience any technical difficulties with logging in, then please see our frequently asked questions below or contact the academy by completing the form on the Contact Us page, or give us a call on 020 8516 7977.


Parents' Evening dates for 2016/17

January 18th 2017 Year 9
January 25th 2017 Year 11
February 22nd 2017 Sixth Form
March 1st 2017 Year 10
April 19th 2017 Year 8
June 21st 2017   Year 7


Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't have access to a computer so how do I make appointments?

Parents without any internet access should contact the school for assistance on booking appointments on their behalf.

I can't log in as it says for me to check my parent details. I am entering them correctly, what do I do?

When parents enter their name, their details are checked against the schools management database and therefore need to match. It may be that the school database has an initial for the first name instead of the full first name. We have also limited the Parents Booking System to priority 1 and 2 parent contacts. Please contact the school to verify your details or request for appointments to be made on their behalf.

Why can't I see ALL my child's teachers in the list of teachers?

Although your child may have 2 or more teachers per subject, the academy may have chosen the most appropriate subject teacher to be available on the evening.

Why is the system telling me that the evening is locked - how will I know when it will be unlocked?

Parents will receive a letter in the post a few weeks before the parents evening providing booking details. A reminder will also be given just before the system is open.

How long will I have to talk to each teacher?

This depends on the current Year Group of your child.  For Years 7 to 11, parents will be able to book 5 minute time slots with each teacher which builds in a 5 minute transfer time between each appointment.  For Years 12 and 13, the appointments are in 10 minute slots again with a transfer time between each appointment.

I really need to see a particular teacher of my child but there are no available times, what can I do?

Due to large year groups you might not always be able to see every teacher you would like. We advise that you contact the academy to explain that you are unable to get a particular appointment. Your request will then be passed on to the relevant teacher.

When I log in I see 2 teachers are listed for the same subject - which one should I book?

Please speak to your child to discuss which teacher they have for the majority of their classes.  As we have had to limit appointments to a maximum of 6 per child, it may be more appropriate to only book 1 teacher per subject.

I have made appointments but I am now unable to make the times, can I change my appointments?

Parents can change or cancel their appointments at any time whilst the booking system is still open by clicking on the link in their confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email, log back in to the Parents Evening System website as before. Please use this feature if you cannot make an appointment as it will free up time slots for other parents to book.

Why have I not received an email confirmation of my appointments?

Once all bookings have been entered for your child, you needed to select ‘click here’ from the yellow box at the top of the screen headed ‘Finished Adding Appointments'.  The appointment slots will then be saved and a confirmation email automatically sent.  An email is only sent if an email address was entered during the logging in process.

How do I make appointments when I want to see the teachers of both my twins?

When a parent of twins logs in to make their bookings they would be able to make appointments for both of their children at the same time as long as the school has them as a priority 1 or 2 contact for the parent in the school management database. It does not matter which child’s details they log in with as they will automatically be able to see the details for both.

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