Associate Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Corelli College

We are a values driven academy with the belief in human potential at the heart of all we do.  We are uncompromising in our ambition for students.  We are committed to do everything we can to help our students become successful, responsible young people who make a positive contribution to society.  

Our academy is a vibrant and exciting place to be. We have the highest expectations of all students in terms of academic achievement, personal development, attitude, attendance and appearance.  

Our curriculum offer is diverse, innovative and inclusive with a rich variety of subjects.  Lessons are stimulating and challenging, meeting the needs of all our students.  It not only instills value in the core subjects but also the EBacc and foundation subjects in all key stages.  We offer the highest quality teaching and learning experiences and forensic analysis of data ensures that each child’s progress is tracked and monitored at every stage.  Students are stretched and challenged to reach or exceed their targets, whilst those who need additional support receive care and guidance from our specialist support staff.

At Corelli students join one of the small vertical communities, each with a team of staff, dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.  We are a community where our young people learn how to become confident, articulate, responsible, learning focused and successful and our student leadership programmes encourages students to practise these skills through leading activities both within and beyond the academy.  

The students’ personal development is promoted through a wide range of enrichment, cultural activities and our values. We are proud to be a ‘Citizens UK School of the Year’ and a ‘Discovering Democracy’ school.  Our extensive extra-curricular activities programme, which is accessible to all students include: modern language trips to European cities; history visits to the trenches of Ypres; music workshops and performances; visits to Parliament, theatres, art galleries and museums reinforce the academy’s commitment to democracy and the arts.  

The College’s open and tolerant culture promotes its values of democracy, solidarity, equity, equality, self-help and self-responsibility effectively’, (Ofsted 2016).

Our farm, with its bees, chickens and rabbits has a special place in Corelli hearts.  This unique facility allows students to understand nature, the environment, animal care and horticulture and can open up a world of career ideas and opportunities.

Students benefit from a brand new sports complex on our 16 acre site.  Sports clubs and fixtures are a hugely popular aspect of academy life. We are an elite Basketball Academy and our students benefit from opportunities created by links with Basketball clubs across Europe and beyond.  From this September the academy will also become a Football Academy in partnership with Charlton Athletic.

We encourage all students to explore and broaden their interests and provide a secure, friendly and happy environment in which they can develop as individuals.  We know that young people face many choices in their teenage years and our pastoral teams provide outstanding support and guidance. Staff are a reassuring and constant presence in our young people’s lives and help them discover who they are and what they want to be.

Pupils are unequivocal that they feel safe in and around the building.  Pupils are very proud of the College’s diverse community and say it is one of its strengths’, (Ofsted 2016).

“I am extremely proud to be the Associate Principal of Corelli College Co-operative Academy and look forward to welcoming you.”

Sharron Humphrey, Associate Principal


“Whether you are considering sending your child to Corelli College, or are interested in working here, we hope you will take the opportunity to visit us.”  

David Millar, Interim Executive Principal


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