Ethos, Aims & Values

We are founded on a set of values called the Co-operative values which many organisations across the world use as their guiding principles. We chose these values because we believe they will enable our students to become active and responsible citizens and make Corelli College a happy and productive learning community.

Everything we do is based on these values:

Self Help  •  Self Responsibility  •  Democracy  •  Solidarity  •  Equality  •  Equality

As the parent or guardian of a child at Corelli College you are eligible to become a member of the parents Co-operative and have your voice heard and take part in the election of members of the Trust.

You can find out more and get an application form on our web-page entitled 'Co-operative' Explained by clicking here.



Small Communities

Although Corelli College is one community working together towards a shared goal, for the benefit of each individual, there are six smaller communities and these make the college what it is, and contribute to the success that we achieve.

The sixth form is a separate community with its own distinctive ethos, while the other communities consist of tutor groups made up of students of all ages.


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