Pupil Premium Allocation

Corelli College Co-operative Academy Pupil Premium Impact 2015-16 (showing three year trend)

Families will by now be more familiar with the concept of the Pupil Premium (PP). It is a sum of money allocated to schools to provide additional support to students who are (or have been at some point in their schooling) entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) or who may face other significant challenges in their lives which act as a barrier to their learning. Nationally, there is a gap between the performance of students entitled to FSM and other students, for example those achieving 5A*-C including English & Mathematics at GCSE. In 2012, the gap was 24% nationally and 21% in London. Whilst many students entitled to FSM will do very well at GCSE, the national figure confirms that it is an issue that all schools need to consider.

73% of our 11-16 students are included in the count for Pupil Premium which means that Corelli College Co-operative Academy received £554,012 for 2015-16. We have used the funding in a variety of ways to support students.

We are very pleased to report that the performance of students entitled to FSM or identified as Pupil Premium at Corelli College Co-operative Academy has been improving over time and in 2016:

  • 5+A*-C including E M in-school gap Pupil Premium / Non-Pupil Premium is 3.06%, below National 2014 (26%)
  • Progress 8 English element is -0.13 for All pupils and -0.17 for PP, both broadly in line with National

99.5% of the students in Year 11, including those eligible for PP gained qualifications that enabled them to progress to further education and/or training this summer. This underlines that the funding provided by the Pupil Premium has been used effectively by the academy to help ensure that eligible students had a ‘passport’ to the next stage of their education. We will continue to provide support for all our students identified as vulnerable in a variety of ways to ensure that that they meet their targets.

If you feel that your child may be eligible for FSM support but is not currently receiving it, please look at the eligibility information on the school website or contact Ms Alliston at the academy office. We would still like all parents who think they may be eligible for Free Meals to contact us. It is quick and easy to check and it means that the academy receives the correct funding. If your child currently receives, or used to receive, FSM support and you feel that there is something specific that would further enhance their learning, please contact your child’s Community Director in the first instance.

Further details of our Pupil Premium Spend can be found by clicking on the document link below: