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May 10th 2017

Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities

A beautiful Cabinet of Oddities & Curiosities has mysteriously arrived at four different primary schools in Greenwich.  Each school has been discovering extraordinary artefacts to inspire storytelling and creative writing.

Collectors have been telling the extraordinary tales of a special collector and ex Corelli student called Louisa Potts. Even when she was a student Louisa liked to collect things. She was in fact a fanatical seeker of the unusual. Where people saw junk, Louisa saw treasure.  To begin with, she put her oddities in shoe boxes under her bed and stairs, eventually spilling over into her tree house, basement, and attic and finally her Grandad’s shed. On the evening of her 17th birthday, a lightning bolt of an idea came to her, which would change her life forever… she decided to become a professional explorer to seek out the most majestic oddities and share them with the world.  

Louisa knew she would have to find a way to safely store and display her oddities, so they could be enjoyed by future and fellow collectors. For fifty days and fifty one nights she carved her precious driftwood into the shape of shelves, draws, doors and walls. Once assembled, these pieces made up the most magnificent cabinet that eyes had ever seen. This was the Cabinet of Oddities & Curiosities.

Louisa had heard the whisperings of a shipwreck on a remote island in the Caribbean Sea. In amongst it all was a brass telescope. Louisa set off in search of the brass telescope in her aeroplane. And then…she disappeared off the map. In her absence all those people who became intrigued by the cabinet, wanted to keep Louisa’s curious spirit alive and pledged to add their own oddities to the cabinet until her safe return. As the oddities started to fill the shelves, one shelf remains empty… and that shelf is left for the brass telescope. 

The oddities have now become the source of inspiration. Children and adults are now writing their own stories about the objects and artefacts in the cabinet.  There is something truly majestic and mystifying about the Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities. The question is, where will it appear next?

Explorer Louisa Potts returns to Corelli College!

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