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May 12th 2017

Arts and Culture Teachmeet

#artsandcultureteachmeet was a peer-led event for creative educators in association with London Leadership Strategy and A New Direction.

Thanks to London Leadership Strategy (LLS) for sponsoring our teachmeet and the Whitechapel Gallery for hosting the event and offering free tickets to the Eduardo Paolozzi Exhibition.

The evening was a series of presentations and discussions exploring partnerships and collaborations between cultural organisations and schools that have inspired children through inspired projects. 

It was an antidote to election fever and was a huge success.  We had over 40 guests and 17 speakers from schools, educationists, artists, museums and arts organisations. We heard about co-curation projects with primary schools and museums, saw new commissions and exhibitions spaces unveiled and learned about a collaboration with a school in a village in India.  Artists wowed us with their workshops in schools - did you know it’s possible to melt glass in a microwave and design your own stamps?  Corelli College and EEA described our dynamic and exemplary arts partnerships through our latest Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities project. 

Kirsty Lowry from The Whitechapel Gallery, tweeted "I’m feeling very honoured to host such an inspiring evening, a huge success!"

There is so much creativity in in London schools and cultural organisations, it is crucial we continue to invest in enhancing the skills of teachers so they have the confidence to seek new partnerships to raise the status of artwork made in schools. 

The funding crisis schools are facing means that we all need to be flexible and resourceful.  Arts and cultural organisations and schools have a place in that, and we need to learn from each other, make connections and build on our relationships.  

The event was organised by Corelli’s Shermaine Slocombe and Ben Jones from Mayflower Primary School. 

EEA’s Ross Bolwell Williams said "thanks for the invitation to be part of the Teachmeet last night! It genuinely was a fantastic event and loved how punchy and well-paced it was and you managed to get a real wealth of experience in the room!"


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