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May 16th 2017

Transition from primary to secondary school

The arts are crucial to every young person’s development regardless of what career path they follow.  Students who engage in creative learning have a well-rounded view of the world and, as a result, are more likely to produce unique ideas once they progress to the workplace.  Creative thinking enables students to reflect critically, think for themselves and work in teams.  Consequently, students’ confidence levels are raised and they can show themselves to have strong leadership qualities. 

The Summer School has been hugely popular for over a decade as it’s the perfect place for students to express their ideas and creativity.  This all takes place in a warm, friendly environment where they learn the value of teamwork, develop their communication and emotional literacy skills, make new friends and are introduced to the values of Corelli College. 

The annual Summer School is targeted at students who are coming to Corelli College, are interested in the visual or performance arts, want to meet like-minded people and aspire to find creative ways of expressing themselves.  It promotes collaboration, group work, independence, decision making and creative exploration whilst helping students to develop their social and confidence skills.  It is an excellent way to meet teachers from Corelli College and make friends in a creative environment.  Students work with Corelli staff as well as with talented artists from Emergency Exit Arts and our Corelli arts leaders.  

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